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After Cancer Care

After Cancer Care

The Definitive Self-Care Guide to Getting and Staying Well After Cancer

Written by three prominent integrative medicine physicians, this book outlines research-based principles of physical and emotional health after cancer. Until it is the norm for integrative cancer centers to offer post-treatment “cancer rehabilitation”, patients will continue to need the guidance and direction this book  gives.

Find out which lifestyle changes you can make.

As the authors write, “it’s a matter of time before the medical community and insurance providers catch up to the fact that lifestyle changes following cancer treatment save lives”.

Solutions 4 Health

Your Health Solution & Solutions 4 Health

Optimizing your health reduces the risk of all chronic diseases, including cancer.

Chris Conway, Founder, CEO

This online wellness resource brings you only the highest quality nutrition supplements, including the THRIVE Shake and wellness plans for eleven types of cancer. These were developed by the same three top integrative physicians who wrote After Cancer Care, and are available only through Solutions 4 Health.


Jodi MacLeod

As a thirteen-year breast cancer survivor, Jodi is an experienced cancer wellness writer and patient advocate. Active in research and passionate about integrative oncology, Jodi is also a member of the Society for Integrative Oncology. She brings her blog, write4wellness, to I Thrive Beyond Breast Cancer to represent the patient voice.