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Welcome to I Thrive Beyond Breast Cancer. If you have had a breast cancer diagnosis, and are wondering what you can do to reclaim your health, keep reading!

Breast cancer is a devastating and complex disease. It will take the lives of over 41,000 people, mostly women, this year. For the 3 million of us currently living with breast cancer in the US, living as long and as well as possible is our goal. Some risk factors for breast cancer recurrence and progression are out of our control, like age, ethnicity, inherited genetic mutations, and menopausal status. However, there are many more risk factors we can control or eliminate.

We at I Thrive Beyond Breast Cancer believe the science that shows we have much more control over our health and well-being than we may have thought. Research confirms that living a healthy lifestyle after breast cancer can prolong survivorship, reduce risk of recurrence, and improve quality of life. Each day, we make hundreds of choices that will affect our health now and years into the future. Our bodies depend on us to choose nutrition food and drink, to get up and move around each day, to manage our stress levels and to connect with others. We want to empower you to make the healthiest choices possible, and we will show you how clinical research backs up these healthy choices. Living a healthy lifestyle after breast cancer will improve every area of our lives.

Want to know what you can do today? Read on. These resources will support your health as you make other changes that may not be as quick or easy. First, let’s focus on breast cancer nutrition and supplementation. Click on the links below to see what our top integrative oncologists and physicians and authors of After Cancer Care  have made available. Everything you read on this site is based on the most current, thorough research.